Investment Criteria

1/ Two types of investments

  • Growth capital (minority or majority) – mostly cash in

  • LBO (majority or main shareholder)

2/ €15m to €150m equity investments

  • European based companies


  • Opportunistically on larger equity tickets and in other geographic areas

3/ Decision Makers

  • Looking not only for money

  • But also for value-added from Ceres team, based on management's needs

4/ Two types of companies

  • Leading companies with strong competitive position and high growth prospects (organic growth and / or build-ups)

  • Viable companies in special situations (cash shortage, carve out, shareholder dispute, MBI, PtoP..)

5/ Capacity of Ceres to bring significant 

operational value-added

Main sectors :

  • Industrials (manufacturing and B2B Services)

  • Healthcare,

  • Technology Media Telecom, Entertainment

  • Food & Beverage,

  • Cosmetics

  • Other sectors based on the experience of our Ecosystem.